VA Medical Director of Integrative Pain, Endorses CPR

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“…Dr. Rooney is an excellent psychologist and, unlike most providers, knows how to treat patients with chronic pain. Through CBT-CP and nutritional psychology Dr. Rooney has helped countless veterans with chronic pain get their lives back. I would send any of my patients to her- and did! 

Dr. Rooney and Ka Wong created and ran a nationally recognized group together at the VA titled the Anti-Inflammatory diet group. In this group Ka is able to translate to patients current research about diet for inflammation/chronic pain in a way that makes sense. She is an exceptional dietician. This group has been described as magical by both referring providers and patients. This is a class we still offer in this program.

…This is a team that is hard to beat. If I could I would join them knowing that what they have done and what we continue to do is worth the effort for those struggling with chronic pain. I am proud to support what they do.”

Tim Hudson, MD, MHA, FAAPMR

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