How do I know if I have Chronic Pain?

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Have you had pain most days of the week for six months or more?

If yes, according to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) you have what is called Chronic Pain.

Why is it important to know if you have chronic pain?

THE TREATMENT FOR CHRONIC PAIN IS DIFFERENT THAN THE TREATMENT FOR ACUTE PAIN! Many patients with chronic pain do not know that after 6 months of being acute pain and waiting for an injury to heal their condition is now called Chronic Pain. These patients often continue to be shuffled from specialist to specialist to try to find an answer for their pain and this can cause great frustration and distress.

How does pain become chronic?

When pain lasts a long time there can be changes in the spinal cord and the brain (the nervous system) that change how we perceive painful sensations.  We like to say, the volume gets turned up on volume on pain. The nervous system gets in the habit of experiencing pain and continues to do so despite how hard we work at turning down the volume. These changes and brain habits often result in persistent severe and legitimate pain. This, is called chronic pain.Chronic pain can be very difficult to treat is often accompanied by depression, anxiety, isolation, and the feeling that your life is become smaller and less enjoyable.

Is there any way to turn the volume down on chronic pain and live a full and enjoyable life again?

YES! At CPR(Chronic Pain Relief of Richmond) we have a three pronged approach to help you successfully manage chronic pain and get back to your life!

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